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Sacred Scars

Direction|Choreography: Blenard Azizaj
Concept: Blenard Azizaj & Phii Micheli
Music Composer: Stavros Gasparatos
Phii Micheli
Assistant: Willi Brozmann
Light Design: Christian Haiböck

Performed by: Silvia Salzmann, Natalie Fend, Carmen Pratzner, Verena Wohlrab, Dominik Feistmantl, Martin Birnbaumer, Carolina Fink

Produced by: netzwerkTanz/Dornbirn,Austria


The human body lives day by day with past experiences and recognition and dealing with them in order to make decisions about its future. Our bodies and our decisions are part of our being.

The body continues to vibrate, creating connection and secrecy, a moment of touch, a sort of recognition: the scar can be exposed with utmost caution.

Sacred Scars offers deep hidden memorized scars in the body inside the consciousness memories.

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