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NoBody's Land

Choreography | Performance: Blenard Azizaj and Maya Gomez

Music Composition: Ran Bagno
Light Design: Eva Alonso

Dramaturgy: Φ Micheli
Vocal: Kalliopi Aggelopoulou
Visuals: Vassilis Lambropoulos
Premier in Berlin at Dock11, June 2016
A piece Supported by: Berliner Senat and
by the friendly support of SashaWaltz&Guests.

NoBody’s Land is about overcoming barriers and stepping into the unknown, about fugitives, adaptation, migration, transformation: we are all one and the globe has, since its creation, no borders. We are all made of earth, destined to return to it. Once again de-forming the pre-formed, willing to suffer the loss, we are entering the womb of this earth, the cave where one-eyed Cyclops lives. We can still escape this narrow vision, we can exit it all by becoming Nobody.


Performances & Tours

03.06.2016 / Premier in Dock11 in Berlin, Germany

04.06.2016 / Dock11 in Berlin, Germany

05.06.2016 / Dock11 in Berlin, Germany
29.06.2016 / National Opera of Tirana, Albania

30.06.2016 / National Opera of Tirana, Albania
23.07.2016 / Akropoditi Festival in Syros, Greece

09.11.2016 / International Temple Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany
12.11.2016 / Dance Waves Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus
12.03.2017 / Theater Radial System V in Berlin, Germany
05.05.2017 / Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale in Tirana, Albania
19.05.2017 / SoloDuo Festival in Köln, Germany
25.06.2017/ FLUX Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands
29.09.2017 / Incidanse Festival in Fribourg, Switzerland
31.03-01.04.2018 / Cosmos theater in Bregenz, Austria
06.04-08.04.2018 / Dock11 Berlin, Germany
01.08.2018 / FeindBild project festival Berlin, Germany
05.04.2019 / Lavanderia a Vapore Torino, Italy

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