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In the Beginning

at Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow State Music Theatre
Artistic Director :Laurent Hilaire
Intersection Point 2018

Concept|Choreography :Blenard Azizaj
Music :Stavros Gasparatos,Nick Cave&Warren,
Costume Designer :Zair Khaybulov

Produced :Daria Fomina,Ksenia Nikolskaya,Anastasia Razumovskaya,Irina Kruchnova, Elena Olomudskaya,Nadia Antonova
Interpreter :Liya Ebralidze

Performed :Erika Mikirticheva,Sergey Manuylov,Ksneia Romashova,Yulia Selivanovskaya,Valeriy Argunov,Leonid Leontiev,Anastasia Turkova,Maxime Ghemri

The monsters are often the guardians of treasure and they must be slayed in order to retrieve it. In a creative journey we often find our way through a labyrinth. We take wrong turns, hit walls, get lost. Creation is a ritual after all. In our inner labyrinths to be conquered in order to create.In the end love and fear, sin and virtue come from the same root. There are no devils - with god's presence they don't exist. They were just shadows of our gods.

Making-of teaser:

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