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Direction|Choreography: Blenard Azizaj
Music Composer: Jesse Broekman
Ф Micheli
Light Design: Markus Schnizer
Sound: Dave Krooshof
Costume: Kostuumatelier
Production manager: Dorothea Sinnema
Photography: Nellie de Boer &
Sjoerd Derine


Created for the graduated students of Modern Theatre Dance,
Amsterdam University of the Arts.


Lorenzo Koppenaal, Fabian Modin, Ambra Nova, Annabel Reid, Kim Verbeke, Fleur Wijsman, Goda Žukauskaitė Artistic Director: Angela Linssen 


Human is about compassion and the lack of it. About being part of humanity, and at the same time looking for your way as an individual.For human Azizaj draws inspiration from different sources: fragments from different stories, from now and throughout the ages. One source of inspiration is the Greek sea god Proteus, who rules the flow of water and the treacherous changeability of the sea.


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